Welcome to Munkebo Seafood A/S

Munkebo Seafood A/S is the open minded can producer without boundaries.

We create the original cans of tomorrow and we are deeply dedicated to producing good products with a unique taste and of the best quality.

We will never be average because we have chosen to be our customers' best partner.
We love challenges and strong personalities that make a difference.
We are aware that changes are taking place in today's world and that we are a part of it and will be affected by these global changes.

We try to go our own way. We are aware of our responsibility and we are therefore 100% dedicated to the environment and the quality. We wish that the consumer will benefit from our products and, because of a good experience, wants to go back to the supermarket and pick up one more can produced at Munkebo Seafood A/S.

We are different. We know we are. We do not want to be average. Sometimes we discuss a taste sample for two hours. Other days we can create a new variety within 5 minutes. It's all about good ingredients and about seeing the little things in the big picture and vice versa.

We produce canned seafood which we ourselves would like to eat. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.