At Munkebo Seafood A/S we use two types of salmon, farmed salmon and wild salmon. Farmed salmon has in recent years become common. Standards have been made to ensure fish quality, but equally important, ensure a minimal impact on the environment and the fish stocks. Our Salmo Salar comes from salmon farms in Norway and Chile, while our humpback salmon is wild caught and MSC certified.

Salmo Salar is characterized as a fatty fish with high oil content. This gives the fish a stronger flavour than many other salmon species. The flesh has a pale to orange colour and the scent is mild. The humpback salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) is characterized by a lesser fat content than other salmon types and thereby a mild flavour and ocean flavour, but without having a strong smell of fish. It is also called pink Salmon because the meat has a light pink to pink colour.

The salmon is a fatty fish that is high in healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids n-3 fatty acids, also called omega-3 fatty acids. N-3 fatty acids are vital for us humans and must therefore be present in our diet. The salmon is particularly rich in iodine and selenium and has a high content of D and vitamin B12.

In Brine: Salmon natural is a salmon in water or brine natural which gives an authentic taste of salmon making it suitable for many different dishes, but especially suited for salads.


 Salmon in brine  Salmon in brine with dill  Salmon in brine with Lemon  
Salmon in brine                         Salmon in brine with dill  Salmon in brine with lemon  
 Salmon in oil  Salmon in oil with smoke  Salmon in brine with lemonpepper  
 Salmon in oil  Salmon in oil with smoke   Salmon in brine with lemon pepper  



 Salmon in sauces


Salmon tomato/basil  Salmon in parsley   
 Salmon in tomato sauce  Salmon in tomato/basil sauce  Salmon in parsley sauce  
Salmon in lemon sauce  Salmon in mustard/dill  Salmon in orange mustard  
 Salmon in lemon sauce  Salmon in mustard/dill sauce   Salmon in orange/mustard sauce