Quality MSC

What is MSC?
MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an international organization that wants to change the decline of fish stocks, secure livelihoods and provide improvements in the conservation of fisheries worldwide.

MSC eco-label may only be used on products where the fish comes from MSC certified fisheries. Companies can use the MSC eco-label if they through independent verification can prove that the products come from certified fisheries. Certification according to the MSC Chain of Custody standard provides such verification. This secures the customers that the fish bought can be traced back to the fishermen who meet the MSC environmental standard for sustainable fishing.

All companies in the logistics chain - from boat to plate - must be MSC Chain of Custody certified before the MSC eco-label may be used. In this way each step is checked to ensure that the MSC label is only applied to products which come from MSC certified fisheries. Chain of Custody is also helping to keep illegal fish out of the logistics chain. Poaching is a serious problem that is destroying the fish environment, livelihoods and the fishing industry worldwide.